Eyecare Services

At Advanced Family Eyecare, Dr. Daniel Everts provides expert eye care utilizing state of the art technology.

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  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations
  • Contact Lens Fittings and Examinations – including specialty contact lenses for ocular surface disease
  • Pediatric Vision Examinations
  • Cataract Evaluation and Management
  • Glaucoma Evaluation and Management
  • Macular Degeneration Evaluation and Management
  • Comprehensive Diabetic Eye Examinations
  • Dry Eye Diagnosis and Management
  • Refractive Surgery Evaluation and Management
  • Macular Pigment Optical Density Testing
  • Urgent Eye Care – same day appointments for eye injuries, eye infections, pink eye, floaters spots and flashes, eye pain

We utilized state of the art technology for the care of our patients:


Optomap Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging

Early signs of disease can be present in the periphery of your retina and remain undetected for a long time when using traditional methods.

The Optomap ultra-widefield retinal image is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image while traditional imaging methods typically only show 15% of your retina at one time.

Benefits of an Optomap

The benefits of having an Optomap are:

  • Optomap facilitates early protection from vision impairment or blindness
  • Early detection of life-threatening diseases like cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease

The unique Optomap ultra-widefield view helps your eye care practitioner detect early signs of retinal disease more effectively and efficiently than with traditional eye exams.

Early detection means successful treatments can be administered and reduces the risk to your sight and health.

Getting an Optomap image is fast, painless and comfortable. Nothing touches your eye at any time. It is suitable for the whole family. To have the exam, you simply look into the device one eye at a time (like looking through a keyhole) and you will see a comfortable flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken.

Under normal circumstances, dilation drops might not be necessary, but your eye doctor will determine if your pupils need to be dilated depending on your conditions. The capture takes less than a second. Images are available immediately for review. You can see your own retina. You see exactly what your eye care doctor sees – even in a 3D animation.


Optovue Avanti Comprehensive Widefield OCT Imaging

What is OCT Imaging?

This type of advanced imaging visualizes the structures of your eye — from the front, or anterior segment, to the back, or retina. Your doctor may use OCT to aid in diagnosing disease and managing your ocular health.


Oculus Keratograph 5M

The OCULUS Keratograph® 5M is an advanced corneal topographer for diagnosing and managing ocular surface disease as well as fitting contact lenses. It also has a color camera optimized for external imaging for diagnosing and managing dry eye disease.


Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD)

The QuantifEye MPS II measurement instrument is the most reliable and accurate device for measuring Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD). MPOD measurement allows your eye doctor to assess a key age related macular degeneration risk factor, low macular pigment, as well as other visual performance challenges.

Marco EPIC Measures and determines a patient glasses prescription faster and more accurate than ever, enhancing patient satisfaction.



Diopsys® visual electrophysiology vision tests are painless, non-invasive, and provide your doctor with comprehensive information on the function of your vision. The electroretinography (ERG) and visual evoked potential (VEP) test results assist in better planning your treatment (if any) and monitoring your visual function.


LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment

Fortunately, there are some great medications and treatments available for dry eye today. Most treatments are focused on tear deficiency issues, but, in most cases, dry eye symptoms are caused by blockages in the tiny meibomian glands in your eyelids. When these glands are not functioning properly, it’s called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a leading cause of dry eye. Early detection is essential as MGD can progress and, if left untreated, may cause permanent damage.

LipiFlow utilizes Vectored Thermal Pulsation technology and a patented algorithm of precise heat that is applied to the inner eyelids with directed gentle massage to remove blockages from the meibomian glands. This treatment is designed to restore the natural oil flow to the tear film that covers the eye’s surface.

Learn more about LipiFlow | Watch Live LipiFlow Treatment

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Dr. Everts and his staff were very professional. They have all the high tech equipment and everything was explained to me very well.