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Patients Share Their Experiences with Scleral Lenses

Five Patients Share Their Experiences with Scleral Lenses

*All stories are based on real patient experiences

How has your vision been since switching to scleral lenses?

“It has been very clear, a lot better than my soft contacts and a lot more comfortable all day. My favorite thing is that I can tell that my vision is corrected as perfectly as it can.”

How did your life change when you got scleral lenses?

“It changed dramatically. I am a traveling nurse, driving early morning and late at night. I can now drive at night and the lights don’t bother me. It has helped me tremendously for my job. I have been wearing sclerals for over 3 years and could never go back to regular hard contacts.”

Tell us what your vision was like with your old contacts?

“I had 20/50 vision with contact lenses, and now I can see 20/25 and I have gone down on my reading glasses from 2.0 to 1.5. And the great part is I can’t even tell I have anything in my eyes. The biggest thing about sclerals is keeping them clean and taking care of them.”

What is your history before sclerals?

“I was a keratoconus patient and first had a corneal transplant on one eye and then the other.”

Did you try contacts after a corneal transplant?

“I did but after 2 hours they hurt too much. Tell me the difference in your vision? There are no words to articulate, when I look at people I see detail like never before, it is like night and day.”

How Sclerals Changed Your Life?

“In middle school, I was diagnosed with Astigmatism and wore contact lenses, but in college, I started having issues and was diagnosed as having early-stage Keratoconus. I visited many eye doctors, tried a lot of contact lenses, and eventually underwent a corneal transplant. The surgery was not successful, and my vision remained as it was before the operation. Driving at night was no longer something that I could do because of blinding glare. Scleral Lenses literally changed my life— I didn’t know what I was missing.”

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